The MAGA Campaign Is a Lies

Guerrero: The rise of the MAGA Latino isn’t real, but it could be in 2024

When it comes to 2020 presidential candidates, the MAGA stands for “make America great again.” It’s a campaign slogan that has been adopted by a number of prominent celebrities — including Donald Trump Jr. — and the political establishment, which has spent millions of dollars promoting the idea that the country would be better off under the leadership of the MAGA candidate.

While it’s a term that has been around for decades (it likely started when George W. Bush used the phrase after winning the presidency in 2004) it’s become a central part of the current political discussion. The MAGA campaign has been embraced by politicians from both sides of the aisle who have used it to try to persuade voters to vote for them.

One of the reasons why the MAGA campaign has been so successful is, quite simply, that it is based on a lie.

According to the Democratic Party, the president’s supporters who are considered to be “deplorable” or “deplorables,” as they are labeled by the media and political pundits, are a major problem.

The idea that the MAGA crowd is a racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-Semitic, bigoted, and racist mob is a lie. The reality is that, with a little bit of research, most of the voters who identify as MAGA are actually pro-Trump supporters who are also Christian (mostly white) who have voted for Trump because they understand that Trump speaks for them on immigration, trade deals, and other issues that people in their social circles regard as too politically relevant.

Politico recently attempted to track down the “MAGA voters,” but there was no clear way to separate the supporters who self-identify as MAGA from others who see the MAGA candidate as someone who will address their problems. Because of this, Politico did what they do

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