The Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and More: Visiting Mexico City’s House Museums

When you’re finished with your museum visit today, you’ll probably want to leave some of your art treasures behind, so you don’t have to wait for them to go from their glass display units to a warehouse somewhere. So, instead, you might like to take your art with you to the next stop on your museum experience. Here’s one such choice: head to the Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno to view works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Kahlo’s House

The house museum that houses an impressive collection of Frida Kahlo’s personal possessions, works by her contemporaries, and works by the renowned Mexican artist Diego Rivera is a mere stroll from the Plaza de la Constitucion.

From the outside, the pink house looks like any other middle class home from the 1920s, perhaps a little too much like that. But inside, it feels like visiting a museum.

The house museum sits in the courtyard of what was originally a simple and humble home. The original owner, the painter Frida Kahlo, had left her family after being diagnosed with tuberculosis. Kahlo moved into the space in 1927, and it soon became one of her favorite hangouts. She filled it with colorful treasures, which she left for visitors to marvel at and, apparently, dream over.

If you’re not someone who loves museums or finds these sorts of exhibitions boring, then perhaps you might decide to take my advice and head to the house museum. But even if you do, you’ve got a real treasure on your hands. The house museum is packed with treasures- including art by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera, whose oil paintings and sculptures are found inside the house and the home surrounding it.

The entire collection of Rivera’s work is so rich in character and content that you may never have seen anything like it anywhere else. His large-scale, vibrant canvases depict scenes of Mexico, the Americas, and his native land. The works also offer a glimpse into Rivera’s personality, as well as the personality of Mexico itself, as seen in its contemporary artists.

As you walk in through the door at the back of the house, you’ll notice a long hallway with a few pieces of art hanging on the walls. And even without them, the entire collection

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