The New Boss’s Guide to the Office

What Bosses Really Think About Returning to the Office

Posted February 3, 2008

Here’s the thing about bosses. They will not get out of the Office, until they know they are not loved up and in love with their boss, and that their boss can really do no wrong. So, what does this new boss think about returning to the office after a long day?

First, the New Boss is very aware of the challenges the First Boss put forth:

“My goal isn’t to run ‘away’ from problems but rather to seek out and resolve them.”

“I prefer to operate in a vacuum that allows me to focus on the task at hand.”

“When necessary, I must have a quiet word or two with my boss in private.”

“A ‘good relationship’ with my boss is my first goal. My priority is to keep my boss happy.”

“My goal is to know what my boss wants and to do everything possible to provide it.”

“I plan to focus on providing a pleasant workplace in which the team works together”

“When I’m in the office I will focus on being a good listener and helping my employees do a great job.”

“I’ll go to the office once a week to check out the team’s work.”

So, if I were to go back to my old office job, after working at my new job for the first month of the year, here are the key questions that I would ask:

What did my boss say when I got there?

Did the work look good, or did I have to do a lot of it?

How was the team doing against my boss?

What was his mood when I walked in the door?

How was he feeling when he came up to me afterward?

What did he sound like on the phone?

Who had been with him the longest?

Did he walk up to me as the boss or as a friend?

Did he offer

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