The serial killer is on a mission

Inside the hunt for a serial killer stalking Stockton: ‘This person’s on a mission’

Linda Cimperman | The Sacramento Bee

SAN FRANCISCO — With the help of the police, friends and people who’ve helped them investigate serial killers before, detectives hope to solve the cold case of a serial killer targeting women in the Stockton area.

It could take decades.

“I don’t see it as an X or a Y,” said Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. “This person is a serial killer. This person is on a mission. I think we’ll find them.”

One might say, “Let’s get the hell out of here” for these people.

“We are at a point in time to look at this, and figure out if we can get funding to do this to be able to go into it and figure out how to do this,” said Sacramento County sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jason Ramos.

The case that sparked a nationwide hunt for this serial killer who murdered women in Stockton and surrounding areas over almost 20 years ago has led to dozens of tips. The last of his victims was killed in April.

In the weeks before her death, Linda Cimperman had several runins with her husband and a friend about a potential abuser that happened to be a man and was not related to the suspect.

“She was in the middle of two men that were not related to this killer,” said her friend Barbara. “He was a husband and she met up with them (and) they were not related.”

“They weren’t in love with her,” Barbara said.

“She wasn’t interested in him that much. She did not want to commit suicide because what he was doing to her,” Barbara said.

Cimperman had been dating a man she’d met online and he had been visiting her house for several weeks. He had made her feel welcome. It wasn’t

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