The TSA Report on Flight 1549

T.S.A. Says Screening Missteps Allowed Box Cutters on Flight 757

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It appears that the TSA has put together a rather unusual report on the security problems that were discovered during the screening of the plane that fell out of the sky — a report that was apparently leaked to the press. The report is titled “Analysis of Crew Missteps with Boeing 757 — Flight 1549” and it basically boils down to two things: (1) the plane was flown (illegally) by a captain who had a problem with his hearing and (2) someone with a gun and explosives on a plane were detected as soon as the plane was in the air.

The report is very damning in many ways. The first thing it points out is that the captain of Flight 77 had a problem with his hearing:

The results of the investigation into what happened to Flight 1549 in which the captain was found to have had a hearing loss is very disturbing. The most disturbing thing is that he could not hear the radio communications being sent from the cockpit and from the flight deck to the captain of Flight 77. The results of the investigation show that in order for the radio communications to be audible to the flight deck crew with respect to the decision to put the plane into a dive the captain would have had to have hearing aids installed in his ears.

Second, that he had never seen or used a hearing aid.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger did not have a hearing aid. A medical professional examined him as soon as he exited the cockpit. Although I spoke with the captain personally, I did not hear his story – his story was told to me by a third person, and it was confirmed by the third.

The person who did the examination was Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s flight nurse, Denise Schmitt. Denise Schmitt made the official determination on Captain Sullenberger’s hearing status. A medical professional found Captain Sullenberger’s hearing status to be satisfactory.

The medical professional reported to me that his hearing status was consistent with that of a pilot, but without his hearing aid. The medical professional reported that Captain Sullenberger had no previous

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