The U.S. is going through a very bad time, and we need to be watching our own back

Toronto calls in the superheroes to help with vaccinating young children against COVID-19.

The U.S. has been in this situation a lot — and we’ve just finished a week where we have some of the highest rates of COVID-19 — in the world. When these countries are facing a situation like that, like the United States, you could make the argument that we should all be paying more attention to them, to making sure we’re addressing the underlying structural issues in the communities and in our systems that allow viruses, like the COVID-19 virus, to spread that fast through those communities as quickly as they do. We know that we have a lot of things that are really bad that are happening right now, like we just had our first case of COVID-19 in the state of California.

However, like it or not, we’ve just about come to the end of the month where it’s been above one per cent of infections. And that represents a huge jump, a huge jump in terms of just the fact that we have been able to keep these infections below that level, especially if we look at countries like Italy. They are not faring that well either.

And that’s why it’s important to recognize that we need to be watching our own back, but we also need to acknowledge that these countries like Italy are also going through the same things that we are going through, and they seem to still be making strides in addressing them, in some cases. And that’s the point of what we’re trying to do now is, to try to get the message out there, as well as to look at the situation in our country in a more holistic way and see what we can do to improve it.

A few weeks ago, when we saw the beginning of this downward trend, we took a couple of actions, because we had seen very slow recoveries in the last couple of days, as well as an exponential growth in the number of hospitalizations and a sharp increase of cases. We asked, how do we stop that downward slope here, and it seemed to us like the only way to slow that slope down, was to be really proactive about testing, and get people vaccinated,

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