The UCLA students say a community life department instructor sexually assaulted them

Hazing ‘traditions’ and sexual assault plagued UCLA summer camp job, students say

Three male students alleged that a UCLA community life department instructor, whom they did not name and who they only said was referred to by the name “Nathan,” had been “hazing” them since their freshman year and sexually assaulted them at the hands of his friends.

The women said they had first heard about Nathan, who they learned worked at UCLA’s community life department, from three other female friends who were also students at the school between 2012 and 2014.

They said Nathan began sexually assaulting them last June.

A UCLA community life department employee who the students named as Nathan said the incident began when one of his female students made “unreasonable” sexual comments about Nathan in a private group text message. Nathan wrote back in the exact same text message: “This is not OK.”

He then allegedly told the student to “not be such a bitch” in front of him in his classroom, according to one of the students.

The student said she decided to report the alleged harassment to officials at the school, and that when she did, she received a form letter informing her that her complaint had been deemed “unfounded.”

That same day, the students said, in response to what they told her, a UCLA staff member told them they were “not to worry” and that they didn’t have “anything to worry about.”

The students said they reported the harassment to the UCLA police department, but told the campus police not to treat their complaints as “serious,” and that the department instead wanted to take the students down to the UCLA Police Department and tell them what the girls had been reporting to them.

They said the police department instead told them they were “ok” and that the department wanted to take the students down to the campus police and tell them what the students had been reporting to them. They said the campus police also told them to continue to report their “unfounded” harassment claims to the school because they would not file any charges against Nathan.

The students said they were then taken by the campus police down to the Police Department, where they were told they did not have to file any charges against Nathan. They said it was then that the police department told them to “leave” them alone with Nathan.

But the trio of students said Nathan had begun “hazing” them earlier.

“He was constantly telling me that I was a

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