The US Open is a Virus

Novak Djokovic withdraws from the US Open. He is unvaccinated against Covid-19 and not allowed to receive a visa and enter the country. He says he’ll play without his team, just as he did before his recent series win, to show his “heart”.

The only problem is, he still isn’t allowed by the government to play in a tournament, not even for his “heart.”

It’s a strange thing to see a tournament where the players have decided to stay together in one place for this long.

Maybe it’s not the best idea, because it could encourage the spread of the virus, but the US Open is being held in Washington DC, a city that is not currently in the top 100 countries with the most cases.

The situation is being described like this:

“They’re saying the Grandstand (a large area at the US Open) is going to be sanitised, so it’s a different environment and hopefully the tournament can be held in another room,” said John McEnroe, the head of the ATP. “As long as it’s a sanitised environment, that’s all that I care about. As long as no one is infected and we take all the appropriate steps to ensure that’s the case, then everything will be fine.”

The Grandstand consists of all the courts on the first and second days of the tournament. The first day has 15 courts and the second day has 18 courts.

“These are great courts that are used by hundreds of thousands of people every year to play on,” McEnroe added.

The US Open has long been the most expensive, most technologically advanced, and most important tennis tournament in the world.

“We’re all for the tournament being held here,” McEnroe went on. “I was disappointed that they decided the venue and we’re not sure why they did. I’m not sure why we’re not going to work with them to make it the best possible experience for everyone.”

The US Open is one of the most profitable events in the sporting world. The US Open has made a total of more than $

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