Top Travel Booking Times of the Year

When Is the Best Time to Book Holiday Travel?

The answer depends on a number of variables, including time of year, your destination and your travel preferences.

Here’s a look at the top travel booking times of the year to help you make your travel decisions.

Best Time to Book Holidays


With the start of winter and the approach of Spring, the best time to book holiday travel begins to look a little more like late fall and early winter.

The average occupancy rate dips to just below 80%, as bookings fall for the first few weeks after Thanksgiving.

Booking rates are typically lowest during the Presidents Day weekend, when families go on vacation to celebrate the holiday.

Travel during this period provides discounts of up to 50% off on lodging rates around the country, while room rates are down to 30%.

Bookings typically peak in mid- to late February for spring break, when high school students head home for the holiday.

Booking rates then jump in mid-March for Easter and during the Memorial Day weekend, when families return to the home of the military.


Booking rates are typically at their highest during the Easter weekend, during the last week of April through mid-May.

At this time, bookings typically peak near the beginning of April for spring break.

Bookings are also at their highest during the Fourth of July, as families return to enjoy a getaway and take advantage of low room rates.

Booking rates are also at their highest during the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup playoffs, after the first week of May, when families head to sunny islands around the country for some good summer fun.


Bookings at or near peak booking rates are typically during the first 15 days of June.

Although the number of people on vacation peaks in late May for spring break, room rates are at their highest during this time.

June is also the peak month for hotels with a low occupancy rate, and bookings and room rates are at their highest

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