Trump lawyers try to convince judge that the House election fraud panel was biased

Federal judge: Trump, lawyers knew election fraud data was inaccurate

An order from a federal judge in Ohio Friday said he will not allow House Democrats to call into question the accuracy of the raw data they used to investigate voter fraud in 2016.

U.S. District Judge John Correale wrote that the House data was “not only substantially correct,” but was “unquestionably accurate.”

The district court’s decision came after a three-day hearing that saw President Donald Trump lawyers attempt to convince the judge that the data-collection effort was so biased toward Democrats that its methods, and its conclusions, were inherently inaccurate.

The investigation followed the release in April of what was seen as politically biased findings from the House’s election fraud panel. Republicans on the panel, after conducting a months-long inquiry into election fraud, concluded that “there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.”

The lawsuit in which the president’s lawyer was involved, Oversight Committee staff attorney Michael Zona, argued that Democrats were “intent on subverting the will of the voters.” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow countered that Democrats are guilty of “a crime” for using raw data from the House to “undermine the will of the voters” with biased, baseless allegations.

The House voted last month to release the raw data to the public, despite the lawsuit by the president’s personal attorney.

The panel’s findings were first reported last month and were based on testimony from witnesses who said they had been contacted by campaign workers who claimed to have seen people who looked like them voting for president. The panel also found signs of voter impersonation, but said there was not sufficient evidence of widespread fraud.

Zona told the judge Friday that he was presenting “evidence of a crime” and a deliberate, reckless and knowing violation of the law. He said Republicans on the committee’s fraud panel had reached a “shocking consensus” and were “unable to reach any conclusion” other than voter fraud would not be found in the 2016 election.

“The defendants used the Republican Party as a vehicle and as an instrument to attempt to destroy the will of the American people to elect the

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