Trump’s Great Wall Will Be His Last Great Moment

Editorial: Trump doesn’t want your vote in 2024. Just your obedience while he trashes the U.S. again and again and again and again.

Donald Trump wants you to believe otherwise. We’re watching the “great wall” speech over and over again with a sinking feeling in our stomachs and we’re sure it will be another spectacular performance that will make him feel great about himself—and we’re sure he’ll never be sorry for it.

Trump’s big moment is shaping up to be his last.

But, no, he won’t feel good about this one.

Trump will see it as an unprecedented achievement… the culmination of decades of his hard work.

In fact, this will be his last great moment because he will be leaving the stage in defeat.

The “great wall” will become “President Donald Trump’s great wall.”

No wall is going to keep out the real threat: what he has spent the past 25 years saying is the American people is.

Remember, his promise to build a 2,000-mile wall and his promise to enforce his trade tariffs are nothing more than empty boasts, which he has been telling Americans for decades.

Yes, it’s all about him at this stage and we’re confident he’s going to take advantage of his moment to tell Americans… nothing.

Let’s look at what we know and what we don’t know.

Trump’s strategy: ‘We’ll beat them at their game’

Trump seems to think we’re too stupid to understand the game he’s playing.

He says he wants to win at their game.

This is a very dangerous position for him to take because he is taking the American people for a ride.

He doesn’t understand that the American people have the will and the ability to fight him at his own game. That includes him losing.

Trump thinks the American people will buy his strategy.

After all, why would he continue to build more walls and his trade war will continue indefinitely?

He’s been going there for years.

So, we’ll continue to tell you about his strategy and what he

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