U.S.MNT coach Gregg Berhalter says the 2011 World Cup is still in the tank

Gregg Berhalter Leads USMNT Eager for World Cup Redemption

Landon Donovan’s injury woes have slowed him down, but the U.S. Men’s National Team captain has still been on par with his 2011 performances.

The U.S. Men’s National Team is playing its third World Cup of the year and has already lost its opening match to France, but Gregg Berhalter is still smiling and hasn’t forgotten the excitement of last summer’s tournament in Brazil.

“Everyone who was here knew what a special game it was,” Berhalter said at his first press conference of the 2011 World Cup on Thursday. “Everything that was said here was true. It was one of the most exciting, most complete games I’ve seen.”

Berhalter is the new head coach of the U.S.MNT for the 2010-12 cycle, which will see the U.S. begin its World Cup quest in Brazil. As for the 2012 Olympic games in London, the U.S.MNT will be the host of the competition, which is scheduled for Aug. 5-21. The U.S. will play the Netherlands as its opening match on June 10 in an exhibition game.

“There is still a lot in the tank,” Berhalter said. “This World Cup is still being defined right now. What will the tournament hold? How will the competition play out? What kind of team is going to play? These are all things that have yet to be determined.”

Despite the loss of the 2011 World Cup opener against Chile on June 10 in Vancouver, the U.S.MNT’s goals scored through the first 20 World Cup games is exactly halfway to being the same as the United States’ previous World Cup campaign.

For the U.S.MNT, the pressure is on in that goal-scoring department, with only one man in all the U.S. Men’s National Team

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