Why I’m Not Interested in ‘Pete and Pete’

Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ is the ‘Addams Family’ spinoff we deserve

A couple months ago, I wrote about the ‘Pete and Pete’ series, the brainchild of director Pete Docter, and how it would serve as a companion series for the current “Addams Family” movie, which has now reached a box office record $400 million. The plan hatched by Docter was to create a series to follow the family, starring Bob Odenkirk.

Unfortunately, his plan was thwarted by ABC’s indecision (and his personal politics) when they had to choose a show that would serve as an appropriate precursor to his film. “Pete and Pete” was not going to be ABC’s choice.

Well, I can’t wait until the film hits theaters on August 8, 2010. That would have been two weeks ago. So, while we have the wait, we can revel in the success. A great series is born.

While the film has been a smash, my hopes that the series version would follow the film have been dashed by ABC. Why? Because, as I’ve noted here many times before, the series would have to take place after the film comes out… at least one year, two years or more after the “Addams Family” franchise ends. The original films only span a maximum of 10 years.

But it’s been a rough go for “Pete and Pete” ever since Disney bought the rights to the show last March. And the reason for that’s because Disney is owned by ABC, which makes the question moot.

No, here’s what’s really bothering ABC: They want to use “Pete and Pete” as a springboard to get more high-profile, high-budget films. That in turn, would give Disney more leverage in negotiations with studios for films.

But if they use “Pete and Pete” in that way to drive down the costs associated with the upcoming films, they’ll have to pay Disney more money, likely from the “Pete and Pete

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