Why Kaleigh Harris Quits Dollar General

How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on TikTok

A year ago, Dollar General employee Kaleigh Harris was having trouble settling on a career. After a decade at the company, Harris had grown tired of the monotony in the warehouse where she worked, where she grew tired of the monotony. She didn’t want to stay at Dollar General forever, and she didn’t think she had much of a future in her career.

So she decided to look outside the company to figure out what she wanted to do. Around the same time, Harris decided to use Pinterest to try to pick an occupation. After about a week of pinning pins, however, Harris decided she needed to focus her energy on a career outside Dollar General. She started the following Pinterest board:

It was on the top of Harris’s board that she found a post from a Dollar General employee named Kaleigh who she had noticed was a lot more creative than she was.

Kaleigh Harris had quit Dollar General one week prior. She was not going to be a career consultant. Kaleigh didn’t want to be an admin. Kaleigh didn’t want to be a social media manager. Kaleigh had decided to make a career change.

But when Harris saw the pin on Pinterest that started it all, you could see Kaleigh didn’t quit out of frustration. She quit out of boredom.

“I’ve quit a lot of jobs before and only lasted a couple months, but this one was more on a mission,” Harris told BuzzFeed News.

Harris posted the pin on her Pinterest page. And on November 17, 2017, Harris’s post went viral.

“It came out of nowhere,” Harris said. “I did my research before posting it.”

Dollar General wasn’t aware of the post when it went online. And neither

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